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Things to do in Dubrovnik, outside the Old town:

Updated: May 8, 2022

1. Visit the new urban arts and culture district in Dubrovnik

Looking for a truly local crowd? Tired of meeting tourists in the Old town? Check out the people who started a different, more sustainable and enjoyable Dubrovnik experience.

Imagined as an opposing point to the over-priced, culturally undiversified Old town, reinvention of the TUP factory spaces has led to amazing programs by local artists and entrepreneurs. It started with the Red History Museum which, situated in a redecorated metal work area of the factory, offers an immersive look into everyday life in Croatia under the communist regime of Yugoslavia. Spread out through the rest of the old factory spaces you can also find a yoga studio, pottery classes, bars, nightclubs and the best local parties and various other activities.

Last few years, the image of Dubrovnik was more and more an image of huge cruise ship crowds, generic tourist content and overpriced imported calamari. The local population, pushed out of Old town and Lapad area due to high prices and non-inclusive content, slowly but surely moved to Gruž area, more specifically the TUP factory, where they have been building this last bastion of local life and urban culture.

2. Enjoy Adriatic Sea differently - Green sea safari

The Elaphite islands are a world of its own but the waste that ends up in these otherwise-pristine waters is a major issue. Hey, maybe YOU can help! Join with Green sea safari to clean isolated beaches, islands and bays of plastic, beer bottles and other such waste. Led by a local group of eco-friendly enthusiasts, this tour will not only take you to the hidden places, but you will have a blast while creating new beautiful beaches simply by cleaning them!

3. Hike to Mt. Srđ and visit animal shelter Žarkovica

Are you on the hunt for the best views in Dubrovnik? Well, get yourself on top of Mt. Srđ (pronounced Srdj), and enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view of Dubrovnik and the Mediterranean Sea that stretches all the way to the horizon. If you don’t feel like walking, there’s also a cable car you can take to get there.

Other than the views, why not drop by the Animal shelter Žarkovica for some four legged hugs, walks and fun time while you’re up there? Enjoy some time getting to know the small but tireless and courageous group of volunteers who take care of more than 300 canine friends. On the top of a hill, far away from the eyes of the city officials that disregard them, these people have given most of their time to help those who just want to find and love their human.

4. Visit the belly of Dubrovnik - Food Market and Turist fast food

If you’re looking for a farmers market that sells more fresh local vegetables than lavender souvenirs, look no further than the Gruž market. Farmers from the villages surrounding Dubrovnik already open their stands at 6 AM, and the tastiest fruits and veggies, as well as fish, meat and cheese products, will usually be sold out by noon. With few to no tourists at all, prepare yourself to battle it out with local grannies for the tastiest local homegrown products.

And you’re in luck. One of the oldest and most famous burekdžinica (a bakery focused on making traditional burek pie) is right next to the farmers market. Renowned for their meat or cheese burek pies, Tourist fast food is a small business that started 1965, when the Ahmedi family moved from Macedonia to Croatia during socialist regime of Yugoslavia. For a full local burek experience, we recommend yogurt with your burek pie!

5. Explore the Sunday flea Market in Lapad

Sunday flea market in Lapad is a rare chance to find some unique souvenirs, local memorabilia, and antique Croatian trinkets during your stay in Dubrovnik. From 7AM till noon, search for the best find in this little flea market. From Austro-Hungarian times, to modern Croatian history, there’s something to be found here for everyone!

6. Visit the city cemetery Boninovo

Cemeteries are a fundamental part of Croatian heritage. Hidden on the way to the Old town, on the grounds of nobility of the Dubrovnik Republic, the church cemetery Boninovo is filled with hints of Dubrovnik’s most valued virtue - modesty. It is a community and religious cemetery which covers 15.400 m2 of land and contains 1982 graves. It is protected by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the Directorate for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and by the Conservation Department in Dubrovnik.

7. Spend your evening in the beautiful old open air cinema Kino Slavica

Located in the medieval garden near the Boninovo cemetery, this open air cinema provides a wonderful experience. They usually show art cinema there, but occasionally there are concerts, fashion shows and lectures as well. With a small bar and some snacks, on a warm summer night, this place will definitely not disappoint if you’re looking for a quiet, romantic, but still a local night out.

8. PuzzlePunks - Learn about Dubrovnik by solving escape rooms

Walking tours are boring? Want to have fun while learning something new?

Visit Puzzle Punks for a crazy immersive experience that will take you back to the medieval times of the old Dubrovnik Republic. Search for the lost treasure of Dubrovnik by solving challenging yet fun puzzles, and learn about our history! P.S. At Puzzle Punks, there’s also a Game of Thrones themed escape room for those more interested in popular culture.

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