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At the top of Boninovo, surrounded by a beautiful garden, with a beautiful view, but also a turbulent history and unusual inhabitants, stands Villa Čingrija or Čingrije as it was originally called, the home of Dubrovnik, as well as Croatian, and one might say, world dignitaries and intellectuals. Historians have not yet agreed on who actually built the villa, but whoever did it created a beautiful home for its inhabitants, made for enjoyment and appropriate to the times in which they lived, a perfect and constant target for anyone who thought they could claim it.  “The Dubrovnik archive hides many interesting snippets from the history of Čingri, but it also clearly outlines how the villa itself, once and today, was regularly the target of various commanders, commanders or generals. In the villa, the witnesses claimed (Čingrija’s neighbors, barbers, maids, housewives, clerks, civil policemen...) everyone gathered in the villa - from the Italian general Amico, through the infamous Chetnik leader Dobroša Jevđević, to Herman Goering and Ustasha commanders .

Čingrija still attracts attention today with its beauty, peace, beautiful gardens that reach the sea, an almost ‘zen’ atmosphere that leaves everyone who has ever set foot in it.

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