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Dubrovnik...more than the Old Town 

What is DU---Walk?

Majeutika L.T.D. (Red History museum) is part of Sustainable Urban Tourism Acceleration Programme - acronym: TOURBAN 


Majeutika L.T.D. is a company that brings innovation into the tourism market, with our flagship brand being the Red History Museum that covers Croatian modern, socialist history. The museum was opened in the Gruž port area, inside the old TUP factory, which has since been slowly transforming its production facilities into an urban creative cultural hub, by renting out spaces to young local entrepreneurs who’ve started to create mutually benefitial activities together, becoming a fine example of a circular economy (link on article).

DU WALK project aims for a development of a walking trail which would connect the Old town with the Gruž port area, ending with the Red History Museum and the growing creative hub in the factory.

This project is relevant to several Tourban topics: overtourism, cruise tourism, resident’s attitudes, environmental impacts, marketing and communicating sustainability, access to knowledge about sustainability.

City of Dubrovnik has its tourism focused mostly on the Old town, which is under a constant huge flux of people (overtourism, cruise tourism, residents attitudes), while the other parts of the city are disregarded in that sense, and are only being used for sleep, dining and going to the beach, which means that the cities full potential is not being used (unbalanced touristic development). In the high season, there is a big problem with the traffic, with cruise ship shuttle busses causing most of the traffic jams (environmental impacts).

Using this route we focus on a sustainable destination strategy that would: disperse tourists across various locations, lower the strain on the Old town, reduce the traffic jams and emissions, and create new possibilities in the rest of Dubrovnik area.

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