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The Dubrovnik Health Center, in its long historical period, had exceptional significance for the establishment of the foundation and development of Dubrovnik healthcare. From the past, known to everyone as the National Health Center, and especially as the District Office, as it is still popularly called by older Dubrovnik residents, it has become a recognizable city location and an institution that takes care of the health of its population. On its historical path, it was founded several times, then abolished or organizationally restructured, thus showing all the efforts that the health systems in the former state as well as in the independent Croatian state invested in primary public health and prevention.

The basic guidelines of the Home of (People’s) Health have always been based on the idea of primary health care, encouraging and implementing preventive actions to improve health, as well as solving numerous epidemiological and sanitary problems of the residents of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area.

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