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The industrial and traffic development of Gruž at the beginning of the 20th century also required a better connection with the city center. For this reason, the municipality of Dubrovnik decides to establish a joint-stock company for the construction of an electric tram line from the area of the port of Gruž via Boninovo to Pile. The works were carried out by the Czech company Franz Križik within 48 days, and the trams and trailers were manufactured in Graz. During the sixty years of operation (1910 - 1970), the operation of the tram was hampered by electricity shortages, war events and occasional traffic accidents. The last one, in March 1970, in which one life was lost, marked the end of tram traffic, which was replaced by “Libertas” buses. The second tram line, which followed the Lapad coast from the area of the former Lapad station to Sumratin Bay, was extended in 1928. The total length of line 1, Pile – Gruž was 3.35 km, and line 2 Lapad Station – Lapad Bay was 2.1 km. On line 1 the departure was every 12, and on line 2 every 24 minutes.

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