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The Bassegli - Gozze estate complex is located in the deepest part of the
bay, and since 1907 it has been the property of the First Dalmatian Trading Company, which was founded by wealthy entrepreneurs from Dubrovnik. The company was engaged in trade, shipping and, since 1925, oil extraction from the remains of processed olives. After the Second St. During the war, the company was nationalized and named “Radeljević”, and in 1950 it became
the first self-governing company with a workers’ council in Dubrovnik. It is engaged in the production of oil, and for a short time during the 1980s even in the production of hydrogen. Over time, “Radeljević’s” production becomes more and more environmentally unacceptable and economically unsustainable, so, additionally affected by the events of the war, it ceases to operate in the 1990s. The forty-meter high brick chimney from 1928, a symbol of industrial Gruž, was demolished in 2005.

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